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Global’s experience team provides third party shovel structural and gear audits.

Our inspection services provide:

  • Full Shovel Structural Audits
  • Hoist Drum Audits
  • Shovel Gear Audits
  • Track Frame Audits
  • Suspension Rope Examinations

shovel structure and gear audits

shovel structure and gear audits










Hoist Drum Audits

hoist drum audits 01

hoist drum audits 02








Global’s Aftermarket Replacement Cardan Shaft


  • Retro-fit to Bucyrus 495HR/HF/HD Models fitted with Series 21 Hoist Transmission.
  • Removes the need for accurate motor alignment.
  • Allows for floor movement and misalignment up to 5mm.
  • Radial loading on transmission and motor bearings is reduced by removing misalignment issues.
  • 125kg lighter in weight meaning less inertia, an increase in acceleration / breaking performance and increase the fatigue life of the assembly.
  • Designed such that the Fatigue Torque greater than Transmission Stall Torque (49,612Nm).
  • Fits the same space envelop as existing OEM coupling shaft.
  • Easily serviced, greased, sealed for life joints.

global aftermarket replacement cardan shaft

Our experienced and qualified technicians make Global the choice for third party inspections.

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