• Dragline audits

  • Dragline structural audits.
  • Dragline gear audits.
  • Shovel ring gear and pinion audits in compliance with ASTM E2905.
  • Shovel structural audits: Boom inspections. pins, structural anchors as well as A-Frame points.
  • Carbody weld inspections.
  • Hoist drum audits.
  • Track and side frame inspections.
  •  Drill mast inspections as well as hoist anchor pins etc.
  • Advanced Crack Detection without removing any coatings.
  • Onsite OTR Wheel & Rim Inspections and Certification.
  • OEM & Aftermarket Parts; new and used.
  • Lubrication audits.

Rope Shovel Lightweight Suspension Ropes

  • Safety in rope handling greatly enhanced
  • 90% less weight than steel
  • 2 to 3 times longer life span than steel
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • 35% more shock load forgiving

As well as inspections and audits we offer:

  • Shovel and Drill Consultations that include PM optimization
  • Shovel and Drill cost per hour enhancements
  • Life cycle optimization on components
  • OEM alternatives for repair and component rebuilds

Our experienced and qualified technicians make Global the choice for third party inspections.

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