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Advanced Crack DetectionEMCD is particularly suited for the detection and sizing of fatigue cracks on various surfaces. There are excellent opportunities for the EMCD method on mining equipment such as Haul Trucks and Shovels especially for the detection of structural cracks. Haul Truck frames are an excellent application for EMCD. Traditional inspection techniques such as Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant are very time consuming. Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant can only inspect surface breaking indications, but cannot size the defects. Each one of these inspections requires a completely clean component before they can be inspected. EMCD can inspect through coatings up to 0mm thick and can size cracks found.

The ability to find and size cracks accurately before the prescribed Preventative Maintenance schedule, saves in numerous lost time production hours. Components on Shovels such as side rails, girth gears, dipper sticks, saddle blocks, gantry components and booms are just a few of the areas where the EMCD can help with increasing equipment availability.


Advanced Crack Detection

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