• Girth Gear

Crack detection of mill gear drives is important from an insurer's business interruption perspective. However, presentation is everything and so is visualization - particularly when the maintenance personnel are trying to explain a problem (or lack of a problem) to management. 

  • With 2 and 3D dimensional isometric displays, the defect can be seen electronically as it is on the gear flank and root surface.
  • All of the data is electronically archived for future trending.
  • This improves inspection reliability by reducing reliance on the inspector.
  • This process provides comprehensive and accurate inspection data. This is very important in determining the integrity of the gear set.
  • The main advantages are - not only can the defects be characterized, they can also be sized accurately faster and more effectively than other methods.
  • The whole depth of a tooth including the root can be scanned in one pass. This method will benefit both the manufacturing and the aftermarket service sectors.
  • Insurance companies have acknowledged the benefits of this method and some are now requesting their clients to inspect to E2905.
  • This method provides real-time mapping of the inspected region, facilitating data interpretation, improving Reliability and Probability of Detection (POD).

All of this helps in minimizing catastrophic failures, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and increased uptime.e

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