• Girth Gear

  • Cleaning - has never been easier. 36’ girth gears can be cleaned in less than an hour. There is no need to wipe the gear teeth down after the cleaning, saving numerous person hours.

  • Examination – ASTM E2905 is cleaner, faster, documentable, and covers a larger area in less examination time and greatly improves Probability of Detection better than any other traditional Non-Destructive Testing methods today for gearing applications. 

  • Results - Drastically reduces inspection time. Covers a large area in one single pass. Provides real-time mapping of the inspected region, facilitating data interpretation. Improves reliability and Probability of Detection (POD). Unlike some other inspection methods, this will size cracks accurately, and all of the data is electronically archived for future reference.
Crack in RootFig. 1 - Crack in the tooth could not be visualized.  Note how clean the root is.
Figure 2: 2 & 3D Images of Root Crack in Figure 1.
Figure 2: 2 & 3D Images of Root Crack in Figure 1. Fig. 2 - 2 & 3D Images of Root Crack in figure 1.

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